Dumme ting LIBOR-tradere sier (i e-poster).

The Washington Post har noen av dialogutvekslingene i e-postform mellom tradere. Dette er del av etterforskningen (pdf)

Check out some of the most entertaining exchanges — with some of the juiciest confessions in bold:

August 20, 2007:

Senior Yen Trader: this libor setting is getting nuts [ … ]

Bank A Trader: im puzzled as to why 3m libor fixing not coming off after the FED action

Bank B Trader: [UBS] is lending dolls through my currencies in 3 month do use him doing the same in urs

Senior Yen Trader: yes [,] he always led usd in my mkt[,] the jpy libor is a cartel now it’s just amazing how libor fixing can make you that much money it’s a cartel now in london [.]they smack all the 1yr irs .. and fix it very high or low

December 5, 2007:

Yen Trader 2: FYI libors higher again today

Yen Trader 4: [F—] sake. keep ours low ifposs. don’t understand why needs to go up in yen

Yen Trader 2: no reason dude[,] [Bank C] and [Bank D] went high yest

Yen Trader 4: send the boys round

Yen Manager: pure manipulation going on

May 14, 2009:

Swiss Franc Trader: pls can we get super high 3m[,] super low 6m

Swiss Franc Trader: PRETTY PLEASE!

Primary Submitter: 41 & 51

Swiss Franc Trader:if u did that [,] i would lvoe [sic] u forever

Primary Submitter: 41 & 55 then

Swiss Franc Trader:if u did that i would come over there and make love to you [,] your choice

Primary Submitter: 41+51 it is

Swiss Franc Trader: thouht [sic] so

Primary Submitter:so shallow

September 15, 2009:

Yen Trader 1: can we lower our fixings today please [Primary Submitter]

Primary Submitter: make your mind up [,] haha , yes no probs

Yen Trader 1:im like a whores drawers

November 22, 2010:

Senior Yen Trader: hey you think we be able to convince [Primary Submitter] to change the libor today?

Yen Trader 1: i can try

Senior Yen Trader: need to drop 3mth Libor and hike 6m Libor he dropped 6m by 2 bps last Friday

Yen Trader 1:at the moment the FED are all over us about libors

Senior Yen Trader:thats for the USD?

Yen Trader 1:yes

Senior Yen Trader:
dun think anyone cares the JPY libor

Yen Trader 1:not yet [,] i will walk over ot [sic] them


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