Konsulent til president, Verdensbank-rådgiver, FN-forsker og professor. Og bondefanger.

Dette er Arthur Baptista da Silva.

A Portuguese economics expert and television personality has been exposed as a convicted fraudster who faked his credentials, reports the Independent. Artur Baptista da Silva had risen to become one of the country’s leading media pundits, known for his outspoken attacks on Portugal’s austerity cuts. But he was exposed when the U.N. confirmed to a Portuguese TV station last month that he had never worked for the organization, as he had previously stated. A media investigation subsequently revealed that he’d served a prison term for fraud, and that the university at which he claimed to be a professor actually closed in 1982. Baptista da Silva could soon face fraud charges.

The Independent har mer, The fraudster who fooled a whole nation: Portuguese media pundit exposed as conman

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