3000 mrd til russisk olje. Her kommer amerikanerne!

I følge Reuters har ExxonMobile (USA) og Rosneft (RUS) offentliggjort et partnership. Det er Arktis og Svartehavet som er målet. I krigskista: $500 milliarder.

The deal, between the world’s largest listed oil firm and the world’s top oil producing nation, was the product of nearly a year of talks and came about despite a history of mutual distrust between Washington and Moscow dating back to the Cold War and recent difficulties for other Western firms in Russia.

«Experts say that this project, in terms of its ambitions, exceeds sending man into outer space or flying to the moon,» Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, a key architect of the partnership, told a briefing for analysts in New York.

For Exxon, the partnership secures an Arctic prize that was coveted by British oil major BP (BP.L) before its own talks with Rosneft collapsed last May.

Exxon moved quickly to seal an outline deal in August to create a joint venture that would plough an initial $3.2 billion into exploring the Kara Sea and Black Sea.

Rosneft will have a two-thirds stake in the venture, while Exxon would own a third and shoulder the initial exploration costs. If the reserve base is confirmed, total investments could exceed $500 billion in the coming decades, Rosneft said.

Under the more comprehensive deal announced on Monday, Rosneft will get 30-percent minority stakes in Exxon-led projects to develop hard-to-recover reserves in West Texas, the Canadian province of Alberta and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

Further international projects could follow, Tillerson said.

The partners will also seek to transfer the know-how they gain in North America to western Siberia, where Rosneft controls an estimated 1.7 billion tonnes in reserves of ‘tight’ oil, trapped in non-porous rock.


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