Apples bruttomarginer fordelt på produkt. Kan du si iPhone fire ganger kjapt?

Felix Salmon, over hos Reuters, skriver om markedsverdien til Apple, og all støyen som det har ført med seg (her og her).

I prosessen kaster han inn denne grafen:
Screen Shot 2011 11 21 at 11 21 1 40 59 PM

Og kommer med følgende utsagn:

Apple never made it as a computer company; its big resurgence took place when it became an iPod/iTunes company. And just when that revenue stream started looking tired, the iPhone came along to turbocharge everything. The iPhone and iPad will be around for a while, I’m sure. But then they’ll be gone. And that will be the end of Apple’s megacap days — unless the company can pull yet another new product out of its hat, and one which can bring in billions of dollars of profit every quarter, at that. I wouldn’t bet against it. But I can see why the market might be reluctant to bet on it, before anybody really knows what that product might be.

Hva kommer etter iPad og iPhone?




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