Spørsmål: Hvor mange podcasts om eurokrisen finnes det?

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Etter dette vet du hvertfall om èn.

Her er beskrivelsen fra den siste utgaven av EconTalk, en 58 minutters prat med Tyler Cowen om eurokrisen (legg den inn på iTunes, plutselig spretter det opp en episode for deg.)

Cowen argues that Greece is likely to default either in fact or in spirit but that the key question is which nations might follow–whether Italy and Spain can find a road to economic health and honoring past debts. Cowen gives his best guess as to what is likely to happen to the euro and the European Union and the implications for the rest of the world. He explores some less likely scenarios as well. He is pessimistic about Greece and the short-run prospects for preserving the status quo, but he is optimistic in the long-run about the European Union though it may have a different structure down the road.

Da var audio-lektyren klar for morgentimene i morgen.

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