Det nytter å bytte bank. Bank of America utgave.

USA har ikke noe eksplisitt forbrukerombud/råd, men når brukerne reagerer får det konsekvenser. Bare de er mange nok:

Bank of America Corp scrapped plans to charge a $5 per-month debit fee, handing a victory to consumers and protesters angry with big banks.

The second-biggest U.S. bank, whose shares were down over 3 percent, said on Tuesday that the move was in response to customer feedback and competition. Bank of America was under pressure to make the change as rivals backtracked from plans to charge customers for using their debit cards.

«It’s a sign of consumer power in action,» said Norma Garcia, manager of the financial services program for Consumers Union. «This is a sign of the marketplace working.»

Last week JPMorgan Chase & Co and Wells Fargo & Co decided to cancel test programs, while SunTrust Banks Inc and Regions Financial Corp said on Monday that they would end monthly charges and reimburse customers.

Banks began crafting the monthly charges to make up revenue lost to a law that slashes the fees they charge retailers when consumers swipe their cards. The fees sparked a firestorm of criticism from consumers and politicians, and many smaller banks and credit unions shunned the practice.


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