Husker du dette bildet? Vel, hun fikk sparken for det.

Its wrong to create
Damen på bildet er Caitlin Curran. Hun forklarer selv hva som skjedde:

My boyfriend, Will, and I decided to take Friedersdorf’s words and use them, perhaps more literally than he intended. We printed them out, taped them to poster board, and headed to the Occupy Wall Street march in Times Square, on October 15. The plan was for Will to hold the sign, and for me to observe what happened and post reports to my personal Twitter account. (Video of Will attracting attention with the sign before I did is on your right, or click here to watch it.) But, inevitably, Will developed sign-holding fatigue, and I took over momentarily. I was standing beneath a news ticker near West 43rd Street and Broadway, and people began cheering as a headline about the movement scrolled across the ticker. I looked up, and at that moment a photographer took a photo of me holding the sign, and posted it to Twitter shortly thereafter.

Curran we en freelance journalist, og tenkte historien kunne bli et bra program ved WNYC Radio and Public Radio International, hvor hun hadde jobbet som web produsent 20 timer i uka. Dagen etter fikk hun sparken.

The next day, The Takeaway’s general manager fired me over the phone, effective immediately. He was inconsolably angry, and said that I had violated every ethic of journalism, and that this should be a «teaching moment» for me in my career as a journalist.

Og Curran er ikke alene.

That same week Lisa Simeone was in a similar situation. Simeone is a Baltimore-based freelance journalist, former host of the public radio program «Soundprint,» and current host of «The World of Opera,» which NPR announced last week it will no longer distribute. She was fired from «Soundprint,» after conservative site The Daily Caller criticized her (and NPR) for supporting Occupy D.C. Simeone and I don’t know each other, though we do have some similarities: we’re both journalists, both of us were at one time affiliated with NPR in some way, and I grew up in Baltimore, where Simeone lives now.

Hva driver Simeone med:

«I find it puzzling that NPR objects to my exercising my rights as an American citizen – the right to free speech, the right to peaceable assembly—on my own time in my own life… I’ve never brought a whiff of my political activities into the work I’ve done for NPR World of Opera. What is NPR afraid I’ll do—insert a seditious comment into a synopsis of Madame Butterfly?»


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