Ut med det gamle og inn med nye, økonomiutgave:

Matk Thoma var på det fjerde ‘Meeting of the Nobel Laureates in Economics’, rett og slett en mulighet for den yngere garde til å mingle med de vise og lære av feil.

The young economists I talked to are eager to move things forward, and refreshingly free of the theoretical and ideological divides that exist in the older generation of economists. I have little faith that the older generation will ever acknowledge the models they spent their lives building are fundamentally flawed. But the disappointment I felt listening to the older and supposedly wiser economists at the conference give conflicting advice based upon failed models was absent in these conversations with the next generation. Some day they too will dig in their heels and defend their lives’ work against challenges, but for now it’s up to them to forge a new way forward.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

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