ViskelærPrisen™ – Hva skjedde med alle millionene i Haiti? Rolling Stone artikkel i gruff-kategorien.

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En historie om ineffektivitet, penger, ignoranse, kunnskapsløshet, korrupsjon og mer penger.

Janet Reitman har skrevet en fantastisk artikkel for Rolling Stone om Haiti. Noen uttdrag:

These are the ministers of Haiti — it’s their country! What do you mean ‘not on the list’?»

This May, the U.S. Government Accountability Office reported that of the $1.14 billion allocated by Congress for Haiti last year, only $184 million has been «obligated.»

«I go to these meetings, and everybody’s talking about problems, not solutions,» he says. «I try to make suggestions, but no one listens. I don’t know why.»

Neither Mills nor Shah, a 38-year-old physician and food-security expert who had worked for the Gates Foundation, had any disaster-response experience. Shah, in fact, had been at his post in the State Department less than two weeks when the earthquake hit. «It all happened so fast. You do your absolute best and listen and try to make the right decisions,» says Shah, who had received an orientation to USAID’s emergency response «situation room» the day before the earthquake.

«I’ve had two ministers come up to me this week, personally, and ask what’s in it for them,» says a frustrated IHRC official. «But that’s how this game gets played down here.

«They asked the appropriate questions and were eager to learn, but from what I gathered, they had never lived overseas, didn’t have any disaster experience or any background in urban planning, and they’d never carried out any program activities on the ground. Only one of them spoke any French. They were being asked to do extremely important things that they had no background to do.»

Les hele. Basta.

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