David Leonhardt (NY Times) spør utviklingsøkonom Abhijit Banarjee: Hva bør Sør-Sudan gjøre nå?

Nå som Sør-Sudan har sin uavhengighet er det mange beslutninger som skal tas. Utviklingsøkonom Banarjee deltar i en Q&A i NY Times. Her er noen svar, klikk link for hele:

Noen svar fra Banarjee:

Here are two policies that I think every poor country should implement. A small universal cash grant to everyone over 12, based on biometric identification. This guarantees that no one has to face the humiliation of being totally indigent, and from our evidence, makes people more productive as well. Making it universal is important, so that they do not attempt to identify the poor (which is very difficult to do effectively in poor countries).

Second, a free universal health insurance policy that covers catastrophic health events, which allows people to go to private or public hospitals. Catastrophic health shocks do enormous damage to families both economically and otherwise, and are easy to insure, because nobody gets them on purpose. On the other hand, insurance policies that only treat certain catastrophic illnesses are hard to comprehend, especially if you are illiterate and unused to the legalistic nature of exclusions etc. Therefore people do not value them as much as they should which makes it hard for markets to supply them. This is an obvious thing for governments to take on.

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