Siste om Portugal på en stund, nå som IMF og EU er på banen.

Dette fra Irish Times i dag:

«We stand ready to negotiate immediately this ambitious program, which should comprehend an ambitious fiscal adjustment, structural reforms,» said European Central Bank president Jean-Claude Trichet, adding that it should fully safeguard financial stability in Portugal and the euro area.

Last month’s austerity plan «is a starting point», European Union economic and monetary commissioner Olli Rehn told reporters after a meeting of European finance officials today in Hungary. «It is indeed essential in Portugal to reach a cross-party agreement ensuring that such a program can be adopted in May.»

EU, European Central Bank and IMF officials will head to Lisbon next week to start negotiations over the package, with the goal of wrapping it up on May 16th, three weeks before Portugal’s June 5th election.

«The package must be really strict because otherwise it doesn’t make any sense,» said Jyrki Katainen of Finland, one of the euro region’s six AAA states. «The package must be harder and more comprehensive than the one the parliament voted against.»

Så mistillitsforslaget til den forrige mindretallsregjeringen var til ingen nytte. De kuttene som statsminister Socrates foreslo er nå ‘starting point’ i forhandlingene med IMF og EU.


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