Dagens bilde 30. mars: Hvis besøk hos MIT, ta med likningene dine.

Alumni Austin Frakt holdt foredrag ved MIT og er sikker på èn ting:

If you go to MIT, bring your equations:

I don’t get back to MIT much, so it was fun to visit today. Here’s the first thing I saw upon entering my old lab, the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems:

Yes, MIT is really like that.

Oh, my talk on health care costs went well, and I enjoyed giving it. I didn’t present any equations, so it is possible some in the room were disappointed. Luckily, they didn’t seem upset about it. However, had they wanted to test my cred, I had this paper full of equations in my bag ready to go. You really never know when an MIT crowd will turn on you, demanding to see your equations.

Never go to MIT without equations. Never.

(Via The Incidental Economist (Posts).)

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