Milton Friedman og pengepolitisk forsinkelse

I min daglige gjennomgang av bloggrullen min (ikke alt er vakkert oversatt) kom jeg over en lengere diskusjon mellom Mark Thoma og Scott Sumner om pengepolitikk og dens reaksjonsevner. Thoma legger ved noe interessant; Milton Friedmanns brev til Thoma om en av hans artikler om pengepolitisk respons (min vektlegging i fet):

…Turning to your mathematization of the idea, I am struck that it is extremely ingenious and I have no comments to make on that. In re the conclusions, I am not greatly disturbed that positive money growth shocks do not have a large impact on inflation when the economy is operating at maximum level. We have consistently found that changes in money lead changes in inflation by about two years, and there is no reason why that lag should not be just as operative at upper turning points as elsewhere. You include, as I understand it, a lag of at most six months. True, the impulse response functions implicitly extend the lag, but I suspect that is not the same as allowing for a very much longer lag. Changes in money tend to affect output after something like about six to nine months, and inflation only after another 18 months, by which time the effect on output is negative rather than positive. Hence, it is not surprising that the short-term reaction is on interest rates rather than on inflation. In a frictionless world in which money was completely neutral, the impact of monetary growth would always be solely on inflation. In the real world, given the lags that I have described and taking for granted that positive money growth is not reflected in inflation for a considerable period, it must be reflected somewhere. The obvious candidates are output, interest rates, and buffer money stocks. When the economy is operating below capacity, it is easy for part of the impact to be taken up by real output and a lesser part by interest rates or by buffer stocks. But when the economy is operating at full capacity, it cannot be taken up by output. It will therefore have to have a stronger influence on the two other components.

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