Internasjonal Makro | Interessert i prissvingninger og valutakurser? Følg denne dama:

Møt den første indiske kvinnen, Gita Gopinath, med fast professorstilling ved Institutt for økonomi ved Harvard. Her via et portrett fra Harvard Gazette:

Gopinath, who is 39 today and was barely 38 when she earned tenure, is a rising star in international macroeconomics. Her research interests are timely, considering the volatile financial state of the world.

Gopinath studies how international prices respond to movements in exchange rates, the rapid shifts in relative value among world currencies. She also investigates “sovereign debt,” the catastrophic tip in balance sheets that may suddenly befall individual countries.

To do her work, Gopinath explores both theory and hard data.
Some of her papers are based purely on mathematical formulations. “I try to model the world with features I think are relevant,” she said, “and then see what the behavior of economic agents are in that environment.”

But Gopinath also burrows into mounds of data. What she calls her “pricing project” tracks the cost of goods in minute detail, down to the expense of a pair of shoes from China or a machine made in Germany. Since 2005, she has analyzed the voluminous data behind the import price index that is released monthly by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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