Internal Revenue Service (IRS) lanserer en app for å holde følge med selvangivelsen i USA. Ja, nå er det en app for det. Kikker på deg, Skatteetaten.

IRS i USA har levert en app til iPhone og Android som gjør det lettere å holde styr på levert selvangivelse. Wall Street Journal rapporterer.

Tax Questions? There’s an App for That – Real Time Economics – WSJ: «Wondering when you’ll get your tax refund? Well, now there’s an ‘app’ for that. The Internal Revenue Service Monday announced its first smartphone application, part of its effort to modernize the agency. (The tax collection agency is already on Twitter and YouTube.)

The free IRS2Go phone app, which works with iPhone or Android phones, allows taxpayers to check the status of their tax refund and obtain tax tips. ‘As technology evolves and younger taxpayers get their information in new ways, we will keep innovating to make it easy for all taxpayers to access helpful information,’ IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman said in a statement Monday.

Apple users can download the app from the Apple App Store. Android users can get it from Android Marketplace.

E-filers can use the app within about 72 hours after receiving an IRS email confirming that the agency received the tax return. However, mobile users who file paper tax returns will need to wait three to four weeks before they can use the phone app to check their refund status.

Taxpayers must enter a Social Security number to use the app, but the IRS says it’s masked and encrypted for security purposes. Mobile users can also sign up to receive daily IRS tax tips and reminders to help with tax planning.

Den orginale IRS artikkelen her.

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